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At Wealthy Theatre (a service of Community Media Center) we've been compiling high-resolution images of historic photos, scans of articles and documents, and video footage from the pre/post renovation of the venue. We want to be a resource and an archive, for these important items. Additionally, we've been working for a year to create a comprehensive video retrospective of the theatre and immediate neighborhood.

While we've accumulated quite an excellent catalog of images during the renovation (thanks in large part to Bill Brunner and Carol Moore) we have a serious gap in photos prior to 1990. We have one pre-1930s image, a couple from the 1940s and the same for the 60s.

We've spent time with the city libraries and city assessor's office, but there's not much there (that we've discovered).

If anyone had any information about other sources we could pursue, I'd be most grateful. Primarily, we're taking a scanner to wherever there are photos, connecting it to a laptop, and putting digital copies on the laptop. Doesn't take long and it's worked well so far.

Kindly contact me or post with any suggestions.


Erin Wilson, Director

Wealthy Theatre

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Check www.viget.org for many pictures and information about the area and be sure to check in with Paul Wittenbraker at GVSU - he was heading up this past winter/spring's Wealthy Street project called Civic Studio. They've got a relatively comprehensive bit of info about the street - complete with pictures of most every building from the lake to the dump!

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