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Bank of America Stadium

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Went to the Panthers preseason game vs. the Colts on Saturday night. I was eager to check out the new screens on the scoreboard, and they didn't disappoint at all. The picture clarity is miles better than what it used to be - probably won't be able to tell from the pics, but here they are anyway:

th_IMG_8892.jpg th_IMG_8955.jpg th_IMG_8956.jpg

And here's some random pics taken before and during the game:

th_IMG_8835.jpg img8973ma3.th.jpg img8952xa3.th.jpg img8899bu6.th.jpg

img8897di2.th.jpg img8943wi3.th.jpg img8843ip8.th.jpg img8927dy1.th.jpg

Good win for the Panthers. First-team lineup looked great, and even a couple of the backups (particularly Jarrett and Moore) looked good too.

Full credit to the CMPD as well. Yeah, it's the preseason, but I've been to other preseason games before as well, and the traffic direction was the smoothest I've ever known it to be around Church/Tryon/etc. Very pleasant experience outside the stadium.

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Looks like you had great seats. The screen looks very clear from those pictures, although I'm sure they are more breathtaking in person. Thanks for the pics.

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