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Plaza Fiesta


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Wondering if anyone has been to Plaza Fiesta across from Carowinds and what you thought of it. I haven't had a chance to go, but I'm wondering how it's doing. That's a great location and I think the concept of a latino-themed mall will be a winner.

I remember seeing the renderings and it looked like they were going to totally redo the interior. Just wondering if anyone has seen the finished results...

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I was at the mall a couple of months ago and business was good. It's a very interesting design and concept. Basically the interior of the mall was gutted and then rows of "stores" which are the size of mini storage buildings were installed in a "street" pattern. Each store is leased and run independently and has their own rollup doors like on mini storage units. There are rows and rows of them -- too many actually. The center corridor looks like a mexican village with faux building fronts and fountains (it's a little Disneyesque). The food court is in the same place but a huge playset for children was added. There are a couple of the former tenants (Van Hussen, Bass..) but that's it. They need to get a few anchor stores, a department store, and some sit-down dining. I heard that plans exist for adding an outdoor area and soccer fields. The concept is great, I just think it needs some tweeking. If you haven't been, it's worth a trip out for some authentic food and people watching.

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I went about a month ago and it was packed. The food court is definitely more interesting than what you'll find at most malls. My wife was delighted to find ceviche.

And for those of you with kids, they have the biggest McDonald's-style playground I've ever seen. (You know, the ones that kind of look like something from a hamster cage--don't know what they're called.)

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