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Passport to Great Weekends - Travel Channel

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I don't know if you guys watch the Travel Channel, but I love the Samantha Brown shows, particularly Passport to Great Weekends. I was watching with the family yesterday, and I had an idea. In her show, she goes to places around the country, from big names like Washington, to smaller places like Portsmouth, NH. If she goes anywhere, why not invite her to Greenville and the Carolina Mountains and Lakes? I'm pretty sure she has gone to Myrtle Beach and Charleston, but has she ever even HEARD of Greenville? There's plenty to do here, from the Peace Center to Falls Park, to Jones Gap; why not come to Greenville? This would be a great way to showcase the upstate on a National scale!

What do yall think?


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Love this idea! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Invite her to come the weekend of Southern Exposure, when the famous names like Thomas Keller are in town. I think I remember an episode where she actually ate at French Laundry and talked to Keller. OR invite her during the US Pro with all the famous names in town.

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