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Michigan's Adventure (MIA) Effects on Metro Triplex Economy


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I was inspired to start this thread since I just returned from Michigan's Adventure (MIA) this past Saturday, 8/9/08. Besides all of the hype and excitement I expected from the addition of the Vekoma-manufactured THUNDERHAWK suspended looping coaster, I was NOT prepared for how packed MIA was!

I mean, seriously, MIA staff - in the classic parking management Cedar Fair-style - herded cars/vans/tour buses (that's LOT'S AND LOTS OF TOUR BUSES - EXTRA PLURAL) with precision into so many of MIA's regular paved parking spaces that they had to overflow onto the gravel & weed periphery. WOW. It got me thinking how all that is happening because of the credibility that MIA now has with its historic convergence of Cedar Fair association/ownership, its perception of finally having "REAL" thrill rides (i.e. - Discovery Channel favorite Shivering Timbers and the new Thunderhawk), its now having city water/sewer service (from Muskegon), its location in a metro area with 1.3 million people (GR/Muskegon/Holland Metro Triplex), its location in the same state as 5 million people Metro Detroit and the fact that MIA has upwards of 200 BLANK ACRES to build whatever else they want to in the future (someone please chime in with the exact undeveloped acreage controlled by MIA/Cedar Fair).

With that said, let's examine the effect of a whole summer's worth of weekends like the huge one I just experienced

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Hello folks of UP-Muskegon-Holland! Here's a little tidbit that happened to me last summer (2010) out at Michigan's Adventure (MIA). I was walking from Thunderhawk on that giant trek around Lake Jourden toward an appointment with Shivering Timbers when I noticed a young brunette woman in MIA attire walking along and talking on a walky-talky. As I passed her I noticed her badge said "C. Jourden". With MIA well-known as being the former property of Roger Jourden and with one of his children being named Camille, I took the bait and aked her if she was Camille Jourden. She did the classic, "why yes, I am. How are you doing today?". I said something about loving the direction MIA was going and then got right to business.

I asked Camille point-blank, "....are we due for a major 200 foot+ steel Intamin- or Bolliger & Mabillard-style rollercoaster in the near future?" BOOM!! Ms. Jourden paused for a moment, put her free hand up in that "I'm just sayin' "-type of gesture and said, "....all I can say is that MIA will eventually have a major steel rollercoaster that is above 200 feet in height. I cannot say the manufacturer or give you any more details than that....". I thanked her for her time, shook her hand and then began skipping like a kid the rest of the way to Shivering Timbers (to my additional amusement I noticed the actual little kids near me were variously dropping what they were eating or having their jaws drop to the ground in response to my spectacle of a grown man happily skipping by them - Hah!! Speechless youngins - it was priceless).

Anyone out there hear anything new on this or any MIA developments for next year's 2012 season?

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