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So, I might be moving to the TC

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I might be moving to the TC in the coming months. no set time line as of now.

I was wondering if the kind people of the TC could give me some info.

I am not sure where I would be working but I would assume downtown. My wife would be at Polaris Industries HQ out on 55.

We have never lived in a downtown setting, and are seriously concidering renting downtown for say 6 months before buying.

I have been to minnescraper.com and have been trying to register there, but in the mean time was hoping that I could get some info here sine I <3 UP.com

how long would my wifes commute be to Polaris HQ from downtonw?

how about in winter?

I am not at all worried about the cold or winter I am from upstate (Potsdam) NY and I know 70 Below but I am worried you people might hybernate like Potsdam NY used to in Jan/Feb.

What areas of downtown are most vibrant in the evening? how about on week days/nights. week nights in the winter?

I want to be able to walk to work or maybe ride a bike or something. maybe ride the LRT.

If I were to buy downtown the mill district seems like it might be the best in terms of potential future, but Loring park seems potential filled as well. the wharehouse district seems to be a bedroom community is this true?

I do not want to walk past countless blocks of flat parking lots to get to work. I want to feel connected to the city but at the same time safe. mainly I want my wife to feel safe if she were to go for a walk without me, or walk our future hypothetical dog.

If my wifes commute would end up sucking, We would need to find something on the West side of Minneanapolis.

any nice towns. no, not butbs, but towns with main st and walkable shops with resturants?

We like to go out to dinner 1-2 times a week, but also love to cook so access to a grocery store would be key. it shouldnt be a problem with my wife working out 55, I am sure there is a store on the way home for my wife, but at least a produce market would be nice nearby.

any ideas, questions responses whatever?

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