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Spartan Stores to build 10 new stores by 2011

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Spartan Stores ready to grow again

by Shandra Martinez {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} The Grand Rapids Press

Thursday August 14, 2008, 5:08 AM

GRAND RAPIDS -- Continuing its expansion pace, Spartan Stores Inc. plans to relocate or build up to 10 stores in the next three years.

The construction includes the previously announced flagship store at Michigan Street NE and Fuller Avenue, although a timeline hasn't been set, said Dennis Eidson, company president.

Complete article

In addition to the new D&W on Michigan at Fuller, it includes the soon to break ground store at Knapp and EBL:

Spartan says they are on track to top $3.1 Billion in sales by 2010. :o

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Some of this will include re-locations as well as expansion of their currently existing markets. I don't have anything to back this up but here are a couple guesses of things they will plan on doing in the next few years.

-Construct the 3 proposed brand new D&W Fresh Markets (Knapps Crossing, Michigan Street, and Metro Health Village)

-Merge the Georgetown and Jenison Family Fare locations into one single location

-Replace the Northland Drive store

-Continue to re-model/re-brand acquired Felpausch Stores into D&W's or Family Fare's (based on their sales habits and demographics)

-Expand into new markets, most likely Lansing

-Fill in holes in the currently existing market

-Acquire at least one new chain. Probably Hardings or Martin's b/c it would expand them geographically but closer to home, Plumbs or even Duthler's could possibly be on the table.

-Construct a Quick Stop at either Rogers Plaza or Burlingame (whichever store doesn't get it will probably close, my money is on Burlingame)

-Close the Cascade Family Fare

-Construct a Quick Stop in front of every existing store that they will be allowed to do so.

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For crying out loud, cant they buy Clark's and rebuild the place?

Or how about a store along Wealthy near Jefferson? This whole area is begging for a grocery.

Nope, but they can build a grocery store at Knapps Crossing, across the street from an already existing grocery store!

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