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11 Ave N. & Charlotte


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I believe this area is referred to as the South Gulch, but there is just one big, vacant, ugly warehouse sitting there. There is a "for sale" sign there, but I don't expect someone to buy that big piece of property during these economic times. However, does anyone have any info on this site?? It has a lot of potential, and could really spur a lot of development in an area right next to the CBD.

It is just a complete eyesore right now, but could be an area for another Velocity type project, or even a potential site of a minor league baseball stadium. Please give me your input. Thanks

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Sorry for the error in my first attempt to reply! So here I go, for real this time. First of all, that area at 11th and Charlotte would be the NORTH gulch. It would make a logical extension of the residential development of the gulch OR it could also provide room for some much needed retail. An urban style Target store would be a great fit, I think, and it might also make a resonable location for an IKEA......don't know if there would be enough room for parking unless they did a parking deck/garage.

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Here's the UP forum from a while back... the warehouse is the Polar cold storage owned by Tony G, pursued but turned down by Crosland, etc... havent heard anything for a year or so on this I think?


As for the urban Target.. it was mentioned with regards to all the property Crosland was buying up just a few blocks north... Here's that UP forum too.. http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/Crosland...amp;

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There seems to be some work going on at the Polar Cold storage building this week.. I drive by it every day.. and this week noticed trucks/cars parked close to the building, workers going in and out, and a big dumpster..

Are there actual plans for anything to be built here??

FYI.. this is the huge warehouse at 11th & Charlotte, across the street from the (soon to be) new Greyhound.

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