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Metro Health to join the fun on Medical Mile


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Just a wild guess: it might be going into "555 Mid Towne St. NE, currently site of the Mid Towne Village Women's Health Center of West Michigan."

The apple orchard site, a raw land build, would require approvals and permitting, land development, and construction. Makes sense that it would be cheaper to use an existing venue which already has walls and a roof. Plus they can get in there faster (this year as opposed to 09-10).

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This was already posted in the Mid Towne Village thread:


I think the only tenants they had so far in that building were Grand Rapids Women's Health and a Neonatal clinic. I wonder, now that half the building is going to be a surgical center, if they will have to rename the building. Imagine being a man going for a vasectomy at the "Women's Health Center of West Michigan". :o:scared:

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