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Columbus Rail to Trails


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I found the following article in todays Ledger and figure that the Rail to trails project is once again a go. so if anyone hear anything new about it post it hear.

Folks following Columbus' path toward building a $12 million bike and pedestrian trail can get a good look the route's last leg 4-7 p.m. today in the cafeteria of Midland Academy, 7373 Psalmond Road.

This last stretch will run 4.25 miles from Cooper Creek Park to Psalmond Road, following the bed of an abandoned rail line. People who live along the route can view maps indicating where their property lies in relation to it, and make suggestions for connections or other improvements.

The paved trail will be 12 feet wide, like the southern portion of the Chattahoochee Riverwalk.

Funded primarily by the city's 1999 sales tax, trail construction is expected to start next year and take 18 months to finish.

The city will accept comments on the trail plan until Sept. 19

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It is really ashamed the city isn't sticking with the original proposal for rail. If the citizens had passed the TAD, the city could have used the development incentive to encourage vertical residential and office space along the corridor. With gas prices expected to remain over $3 forevermore, it could have been an exremely popular lifestyle option.... missed opportunities...
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Information about the rails to trails project there is some great news for the rails to trails project the project will finally be getting started thanks to the stimulus money coming to georgia its great to see this project getting started I can not wait till its finished because I think it will be a nice trail to walk down and also this trail will also be alot better then the riverwalk I think. Because when you walk down the riverwalk all the time it starts to get boring and plus the riverwalk stinks really bad it smells like fish and sewage and when you walk down the riverwalk all the time it smells like fish and sewage and gas and that stuff makes people sick and plus people dont want to smell that stankin crap and I also no the tourist that come down here and visit columbus and visit the riverwalk sure dont want to smell that stankin crap either on the riverwalk its awful so I think the rails to trails project will be a whole lot better trail to walk down then the riverwalk.So im glad to see this rails to trails project getting started because when its finished I will be using this trail all the time doing my exercises on this trail.

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