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Plaza Garage Color Change


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a sub is currently putting stucco on the Church St. side of the garage; part of the deal Kuhn had with the City, to eventually have that portion of the work done within a certain amount of time.

I gotta tell you though, that grey color doesn't look half bad. It matches the greyish precast along Magnolia.

Along church, it looks like they did a test area with a new paint scheme on two window areas and it looks the same.

My idea is to have them just change the color to a charcoal grey. I think it will look sharp.. The concrete block section which is massive is really the only part of the bldg with that light a color other than the walls of Solaire. Who say's it has to be this light anyway?

Can someone do a 3D model and color in the garage to look grey?

Also, since we have Fay slowing things down a bit, maybe there is still time to petition RP to have the color changed.

Actually, who does one petition to change the color? ...and is this a pointless endeavor?


think of it logically... the best looking buildings downtown are dark colored. Dynetech; Vue; Regions; even Suntrust.

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