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Kansas City Part I The Plaza

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great photos, so, what did you think of the plaza? especially about the increasing density?

Right now here are the following highrises u/c or proposed in the plaza: (including 9 and 10 floor midrises)

-Plaza Colonnade, 11 floors, it is the building along Main St. on the south side of Brush Creek.

-Kirkwood Circle, 13 floors, it's the building behind the 10-20 floor buildings with the construction crane.

-American Century HQ Expansion, 14-16 floors, the first photo shows the American Century Twin Towers, they have bought the highrise across the street and the vacant lot just north of that tower for this proposed one.

-4646 Broadway, 12 floors, across the street north of the tower in your 13th photo (your photo is centered on where it will start rising in September)

-Bernstein-Rein AKA West Edge, 10 floors, it will be located south of Brush Creek west of the Fairmont (the curvy building with the 20 floor residential tower behind it)

-St. Lukes Hospital Expansion, 9 floors, proposed for north and east of the tower in your 13th photo.

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