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Consumers Energy Campbell plant spews 40,000 tons of SO2 into Kent County air

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Causing Kent County to violate new EPA regulations.

) Kent County industries emit only 5000 tons of sulfur dioxide into the air, yet Kent County's air quality does not meet new EPA regulations

) Ottawa County industries emit 46,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, 40,000 of which come from the J.H. Campbell coal-powered plant, yet Ottawa County does not "technically" violate the EPA regulations of 35 micrograms of soot.

Consumer Energy - don't blame us for pollution

Kent, Ottawa counties violate air pollution guidelines

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This link will take you to the current air quality status for Grand Rapids.


I'm a nerd and actually observe the results a few times a week. Keep in mind that the readings are being sampled in the valley portion of Grand Rapids instead of on one of the many hills in the area.

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