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Halogen Replacement?


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I recently got married and one of my father's cousins owns a lighting store. For a gift (and we received it last week, about 2.5 months after the wedding), they sent us 2 lamps, a small table lamp and a torchiere floor lamp (which I have yet to open because we're looking for a house and it's all nice and protected in its box). The lamps are nice, but there's a problem... halogen bulbs. I am not a fan of halogen for many reasons, mainly because of the power they suck and also because of the fire hazard (especially with my crazy cat).

Does anyone know of a replacement bulb I can get that isn't halogen? Price really isn't an issue as I imagine it'd last a long time. I just want something that would give me a nice light and work with these lamps. It would need to work with a dimmer as that's what these lamps do. I'm hoping for like an LED type bulb.

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do you have the existing halogen bulb (if it came with one at all) or know what type of halogen bulb? sometimes it lists it on the box. i remember you saying that it was very slim, about the size of your pinky and i'm still trying to visualize it.
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If his torchiere is like mine, then the bulb is one of these:


I didn't see anything that would replace it. Plus, its 500W, so the CFLs would have a hard time throwing that much light.

Maybe an LED if price is no object, but I'm not even sure about if they have double ended replacements.

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