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Democratic or Republican National Convention


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From watching the Democratic National Convention, it seems like hosting a convention of that magnitude would be a tremendous opportunity to showcase a city. I know we were one of the 35 cities invited to bid for the 2008 Democratic National Convention but we didn't submit a bid. We didn't bid for the 2008 Republican National Convention either. I don't think we would have been quite ready for a convention this year. However, with the Music City Center planning to open in 2012, hosting either one of these conventions would be an incredible win for our city.

I think we can put together a formidable proposal for either one of these conventions. The brand, spanking new MCC would be a lure as well as our strong tourism industry. We have many more hotel room in the pipeline that will be available by that time as well.

As far as I'm concerned, we will be ready and either convention would be a tremendous chance for us to show our nation what's happening in Music City. What do you guys think our chances of landing one these events? Should we put together a serious bid for the conventions?

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Nashville is slated to host a presidential debate at Belmont University on October 8th. As for the DNC, Nashville probably didn't bid probably because of our budget crunch. These conventions do bring in a lot of money for the cities though. According to conan o brian Denver made 170 million this week alone but I don't know how accurate he really is lol. Aside from the short tearm economic benefits, I don't think that it would do much for the city. Denver will benefit from having it's name go down in history as hosting the first african american acceptance speach but that won't happen again (there's only one first time). It's just a political convention, not the Olympics.

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Aside from the media exposure, the 50,000+ visitors having a great time in our city and going back home to tell others about their experiences would be a tremendous reason for wanting to host a national convention of this magnitude. We're building the MCC because we see the great benefits of bringing large conventions to our city. We have an authentic experience to offer conventioneers that they're likely only to find in Nashville. Why not try to get one of the two most important conventions in the country to our city?

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