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The city of Bayamon second in population of all Puerto Rico's cities is part of the Greater San Juan Metropolitan Area. It's population according to the US Census Bureau is 224,044 (2000). Bayamon is known to be an industrial city, full of warehouses and industrial parks. Also is the city with the most shopping centers and malls in Puerto Rico. There's a lot of univercities and colleges as well. The city suffers from urban sprawl so you will not find many highrises like in other Puerto Rican cities such San Juan, Guaynabo and Carolina. Here are some pics of Bayamon.


(Spanish) City's Website:



Tren Urbano's first station (Bayamon Station)


Bayamon City Hall




Tren Urbano's Second Station at Bayamon (Deportivo Station)


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The first pic looks like it could be Aiea or near the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Hawaii. Hawaii and PR sure share a lot of similarities not just landscape and vegetation but also their condo designs. Also the proposed rail in Honolulu that is favored is will be elevated which appears to be the case in this part of Bayam

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