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Transforming San Juan into a world-class city

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Wow that's awesome there's a lot of proposals for the city. BTW thanks for all the threads you've posted related to PR because this section has been lacking it and i've been curious about what's going on over there.

San Juan has a lot of potential and is a major city so this is a great way to create jobs as well as put it on the map, perhaps give it a chance to rival Miami as a center of business, banking, trade and opportunity in the Caribbean and Latin America.

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That's the goal, to surpass Miami in terms of Latin affairs. Right now San Juan is the only direct competitor of Miami and in some issues San Juan is ahead. With the new Puerto Rico World Trade Center and the new improvements to the waterfront San Juan will claim its position against Miami in some aspects. Examples: Largest home-base cruise port in the Western Hemisphere, which I think SJ is already the largest, if not is second to Miami but not for much. San Juan is almost the home city for the CAFTA-RD (new economic block (treaty) between Central American countries plus the Dominican Republic and the States), all the biotech and aeronautical insdustries that are coming to the island, SJ is already a strong competitor in terms of conventions, etc and now SJ is starting to build higher so in the next years it will have a more impressive skyline. Only time will tell.

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