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Is it just me or.....


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does this article paint a really misleading picture of Downtown Pittsburgh? http://onmilwaukee.com/visitors/articles/m...pitt.html?16331

Some of what she says is true (particularly about the Pirates), but it seems like she hasn't been here in many years. I don't know much about Milwuakee, but I do know that Downtown Pittsburgh is very walkable, has a great award-winning cultural district, has great riverfront parks (on the North Shore, and also the Point), and is adding new apartments on an ongoing basis that are selling before they're built. I don't know, I just think the author's bias toward Milwuakee is clouding her judgement a tad, maybe. For all I know they do have a better downtown, but that doesn't mean her portrayal of Pgh isn't off. She seems to exaggerate the problems and downplay the positives. She also puts too much stock in rankings done by other magazines/papers. If we weren't ranked on walkability, it's probably because we weren't considered, or because a funky metric was used. And don't get me started on the Forbes singles ranking.

I know I post things like this a lot, but it's because Pittsburgh's image has always been an issue that gets me fired up. I do feel that for many years the city's been trying to shake some image problems that just won't go away, and those image problems are self-perpetuating. It's the "everybody says" phenomenon. But I am going on a tangent now.

Feel free to post your own thoughts here. I am in no way bashing Milwuakee and I am not trying to start a 'versus' thread. I just want to discuss the author's assessment of Pgh.

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