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I was wondering if people. you people actually could help me compile a list of events or festivals or whatever that you would like to see in Hartford, or maybe things you would like to see changed in some way to make them more dynamic.

part of the reason I am starting this post is because after going to the CT river Brew fest in Holyoke MA, we decided out skill sets and interests and energy levels very much suit event planning. and well, be thought about setting up a simular weekend long event in Hartford. Not so much like the brewfest at the old statehouse, but something larger and over a weekend. so as to generate some hotel stays etc.

the one in Holyoke apparently brings over 4000 people on Saturday Night to a little canoe club on the river. I think Hartford could bring over 4000/day if it was planned right and these people would be downtown contributing to the excitement in Hartford. Making it a 3 day event like the one in Holyoke makes for a much more laid back style event.

The one at the statehouse was cool, but it was a little stuffy because it was after work on a Friday and everyone was dressed for work.

Other than this kind of event, what else would work to bring people to Hartford?

cultural events, music events?


some things I thought of

A baloon festival of some sort in the park.

a proper oktober fest for New England


this is the one we have, and its not all bad as a concept of college kids, but if there could be maybe 3 big tents in the park as beer gardens....

Also, there are not any MAJOR Oktoberfest celebrations in the North East.

This list here can back me up on that.


The North East has a pretty high concentration of German immigrants. mostly 2nd and 3rd generation at this point, but they are around.

Imagine a 3 week long oktoberfest here in Hartford some day. good times

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I don't think we need more drunks in Hartford. People can patronize the many bars for drinks instead of encouraging mass drinking in tents for a week or two. This isn't Munich and no other city could or should even attempt to replicate that. Besides Thomas Hooker in Bloomfield, we have no legendary local brewery to celebrate. Hartford is not a beer city and never was.

I think Riverfest should be moved to the center of the city with a massive Fourth of July parade on Main Street like there used to be. Fireworks can still be done at the river. The Italian festivals were great, but Italians are no longer moving here en masse and the next generation just doesn't get it. Make the festival American and include everyone from the suburbs and the city to promote integration and celebrate what we have now, not where our grandparents lived at one time.

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