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Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ike Damage


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Sorry to hear that bigboyz05. Hope everybody was O.K. Very impressive that Ike would pack a punch that far inland up to Texarkana! I heard flooding will be a problem as far north as Indiana & Michigan!!

No damage down here in BR; but the power did go out at my house for a few hours; when Ike spit out storms with 52mph wind gust before daybreak. Rumor of isolated tornadoes in the area. We did not get that much rain; maybe 1/2" inch.

Our damage came from Gustav; 91mph wind gust; massive power outages; giant up-rooted trees; some into houses.

Gustav landfall Sept 1st...& Ike's not much more than 200 miles to the west 12 days later...what an active time in the tropics for the Gulf South!

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I was amazed that Ike was still producing 75 mph wind gusts all the way up in Louisville and Cincinatti. Ike caused alot of flooding in St. Tammany Parish near the lake. The storm surge was actually about a foot higher than when Gustav came through. The storm surge over Lake Charles was actually 2 feet higher than Rita and 4 feet higher than Audrey with Ike. A new record for that area.

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Same here SlidellWX, amazed that Ike could pack a punch that far north into Louisville & Cincinnati. Ike even had a big-time effect on the Sunday Night football game in Cleveland with gusty winds. Also amazing after trudging along in the Gulf at 8 or 9mph; the system turned on the jets and was moving NE at 50mph along the front!!!

What a massive circulation to cause that kind of storm surge!

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