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Portland Mega-Construction #2 (not for 56k)


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Here's the total list, with some more renderings below:


Central Eastside Development at Burnside possible Home Depot

Development of Schnitzer donated land south of Marquam Bridge

Maritime Museum in renovated Centennial Mills

Pearl Affordable Housing (btwn 11th, 12, Northrup, Overton)

New Pearl Square Park

New Pearl Athletic Field Park

Pearl Boardwalk extension from Lovejoy to Centennial Mills area (along 10th)

Eliot Tower

Meriwether (River Blocks)

OHSU bldg (River Blocks)

3 12-story RiverPlace Condo Towers

Portland Streetcar to River Blocks


NW 23rd Place Tower (Uptown Shopping Center)

Downtown Underground Parking Garage with Park above (Midtown Blocks)

Development around foot of Morrison Bridge along Naito Parkway

Old Town Public Market with conversion of old Fire Dept.

Bus Mall renovated with Light rail

Washington County Commuter Rail

I-205 Light Rail

Meier & Frank Flagship renovations and hotel

Butler Block

St. James Church Project

Pearl Safeway and Condo Project

Burnside and Couch Street Improvements (One-wayed and traffic calmed)

New I-5 Columbia River Bridge

Interstate Fred Meyer

Interstate New Seasons

more River Blocks Bldgs

The Standard

new Civic Apartments Project

Under Construction:

New Amtrak Parking Garage



Burlington Tower

Station Place

Lovejoy Station (retail only in former McClaskey Wine Distibutor Bldg.


Brewery Block Apartment Bldg.

8 NW 8th

Benson Tower

Portland Streetcar to RiverPlace

Clackamas Town Center renovations

Washington Square renovations

Pioneer Courthouse renovations

The Avenue Lofts renovation

Streets of Tanasbourne

Bridgeport Village

Irvington Mixed-use Project with Zupans Market

Portland Art Museum renovation

Benson Tower:


The Pearl Block



100 Columbia (office building downtown)




The Edge Condos



Eliot Tower



Park Place 13-story main tower - 124 units - Spring 2004 - Pearl @ 922 NW 11th Ave


Bridgeport Condominiums


The Avenue Lofts



The Elizabeth Lofts

The Elizabeth Lofts - Pearl - 15 flrs - 182 units


Roosevelt Towers - Downtown - 21 flrs


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Nothing against Portland, but it seems like all the projects are sending the city toward a flat and stubby skyline. Are they going to mix in some significant height or will everything be in the 200' and lower range?

I hear what you're saying. Portland is a great city and all, but a lot of it's buildings are rather ho-hum. It's great to see this much development going on in the city, but it would be nice to see Portland's progressive reputation carried through to it's built environment.

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I don't know of a super-tall skyscraper in the works, the Benson is the tallest at this point that I know of downtown.

Being someone who has seen European cities - I think Americans many times miss out on the point that super tall skyscrapers are not what make a city grand. They add significantly, yes, but aren't the holy grail of urbanism. Too often you see the opposite in American cities: a decent set of buildings downtown hovering around 500-600ft, yet such pathetic urban landscape on the ground.

For this reason, Portland stands out above the rest in its league. Obviously Vancouver kills it - but Canadian cities have different politics, social beliefs, and other factors at play.

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I don't think Portland needs height, or a lack of height detracts from the city's environment (though a couple tall towers done right wouldn't hurt). I think it would be good to see Portland take on some edgier buildings, regardless of their height.

This could be said about a lot of cities (I don't know, Boston and Providence come to mind. ;) )

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Porland is on a roll......it makes me wonder what other seaside/riverside towns like Jacksonvile, Fl and even Port au Prince, Haiti can really become if investments were made for some form of metro rail.......of course a hell of a lot more is needed in Haiti than metro rail.....but it could be a hot lil number too if sustainable urban principles were applied there too

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