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Gaylord Hotel coming to Phx-Mesa Gateway


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Even with the economy, this is HUGE news for the valley, and the city of Mesa.



This is what the Mesa Gateway area needs to spur growth. This mega resort will be a magnet for future growth in this area and help spur growth sooner than expected. The plan so far looks good and solid. But attracting the right kind of growth, businesses and developers to build out here before this resort was not that easy. Yes, the airport is a huge magnet, but when you have a private investment like a billion dollars in a mega-resort, and DMB putting in money to develop their land, this area is going to be a hot in the near future.

Now they are not going to break ground anytime soon, which is good IMO. Let the area, the city, DMB and other stakeholders finish the vision, and when the market pops back up, things will be ready to roll sooner than expected. The blueprint will be ready to create an urban core, the airport will have the time needed to grow and gain more passenger flights, and the infrastructure that needs to be planned and built. Time is a curse in developments, and is a blessing in other situations. As of now, it is a blessing, and this announcement came at a good time for Mesa.

Also, talked to the Waveyard developers, they are still a go, but due to the credit crunch, things are moving slower which is expected. They are going to do it, but it is going to happen a little later than we thought due to he current conditions. Two great developments that will be going on soon. With these two developments, you have a possible of 4 resorts, almost a 1.5 billion investment into Mesas economy (which is wal-mart) and more resort hotel rooms than Scottsdale! Build it and they will come, I guess.

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Ok, so this development is going to a vote. Im always nervous when something like this goes to the people of Mesa. They have been passing them so far, but its always scary. The deal is great which will allow gayloard to keep the bed tax and spend it on promoting their hotel and Mesa in general. I personally rather have them spend it then the cvb. They are also paying for the public vote. So the city is not giving money away. No tax payers dollars are going into gaylords pockets.

As I said, this is a big thing for the gateway area and will set a huge opportunity for the city in reaching the vision that has been created. Thing is, they are using a Form based code which is really innovative and will create an urban form in the area. Another cool thing is Gaylord is buying into the FBC and will plan their hotel accordingly.

Other good news is the other two resorts they were planning in so-cal are canceled. They said it was too difficult to work with the cities and the labor unions ran them out of the state. So they will pay more attention to Mesa now. There will also be another hotel and Westcor will build an outdoor mall. Most likely similar to Palisene. Maybe not as luxurious, but most likely on the same model.


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