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So the Rhino Times no longer can afford to 'Make Conservatism Cool' and announced they are no longer producing their print version -- they claim they will remain online. At least for me this is great news. I'm all for dissenting voices, I think it keeps good balance, especially with public policy and public dollars. But these folks opposed everything (I recall an article slamming the city council for approving funds to repair and get city street lights back in working order and add new lighting -- if recollection is correct they were spending a whopping $90,000).

I also detest the political voices (on either side) that think the only way to be heard is to mock, degrade, and make fun of the other side. The already poor writing was always peppered with language that I'm sure their fans high-fived about, but came across as juvenile. Witty is one thing, smart-arse is another. I'm sure Bill James will miss the constant praise from them, but I wonder if anyone else will. They were front and center in the anti light rail crowd as well. The retention of the 1/2 cent sales tax and the seemingly success of the system were something they never seemed to get and never commented on after the November vote/

They said their advertising dollars dried up and they were no longer profitable. I'd like to think this is 'voting' of a sort -- who wants to advertise in a publication that does nothing but bash the city. Maybe we can move forward to civil discourse for opposing views instead of Limbaugh angry-speak.

I did always find their formula funny -- put a couple pictures on the cover of people at a festival, tailgate, or party looking happy as they can be, then fill the magazine with nothing but angry rants and no mention of any of that fun stuff. The article today did say that the online version will keep the 'party pictures' coming.

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In the sense that it's good to know what the other side thinks, I would pick up The Rhino. Some of their stories were funny but overall the tone was negative and it would bum me out. They also parroted the most archaic neanderthal views on homosexuality. No wonder Bill James and Kay McGarry and the rest of the crew loved it so much.

Rhinos endless bashing of CMS was ridiculous. Yes there are major issues with the school district but they never published one positive article that I saw about the district. I know this was also a result of Gavreau's former involvement. I am sure Gorman who was a frequent target is not mourning it's passing in the hard copy form.

Personal politics aside I am a huge fan of newsprint, quite an old fashioned position to have these days! Love new technology but there is something so wonderfully tactile and enriching turning newspages. So it's a shame in general that papers are struggling these days.

Both sides of the political spectrum are suffering though. A year or so ago The Asheville Global Report which is the polar opposite of Rhino went online only too. Just could not make it work. It's a shame all around.

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Being a conservative I guess I should be unhappy this paper is leaving the print world, but I just never found myself on the same side of pretty much anything they had to say. It was always mean and confrontational. I say, good riddence (I have no idea how to spell riddence!)

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I've been wondering when this step would take place. It was clear their advertising was lagging - and that they were surviving by taking on large inserts from the John Locke Foundation.

Charlotte does need local investigative jornalism, and The Rhino is the only paper that really keeps a spotlight on CMS waste, and follows the nitty gritty of their meetings (plus the city and county). Far be it from the Observer to do anything more than puff pieces on council meetings.

But I have to agree their writing was just so vicious and snide that it's hard to take the articles seriously.

The Rhino does have pretty good political cartoons :) - if it folds completely, I hope the cartoonist can find another gig.

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