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Michigan legislature passes bipartisan energy package


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The legislature came to an agreement this week for a 10% RPS (utility companies will be required to produce 10% of their energy from green sources):

Energy reforms approved, rates to increase

Michigan approves new energy plan

Many of the increases will be offset for most households by energy efficiency tax credits.

I think this might unleash a slew of jobs news over the next month or so. :whistling:

In related news:

Michigan could receive $3.1 Billion from the Federal Government for Green Energy

including a possible $626 Million for mass transit.

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According to the state, Michigan residents and businesses use a little over 104,000 MW of electricity per year*. 10% of that would equal 10,400 MW per year in renewable/alternative energy.


The two wind farms discussed for the Sparta area would produce about 50 MW each (meaning there's a lot more room for growth by 2015).

I also found this tidbit on the State's site. Customers and sales in "Green" electricity programs nearly tripled from 2006 to 2007 in Michigan (most of those Consumers Energy customers):



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