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Need some Dessert?


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Imagine finishing up a meal with this dessert. For a minute I misread it as Health shake. :o

  • Calories - 2310

  • Total Fat - 108g

  • Saturated Fat - 64g

  • Trans Fat - 2.5g <- They almost forgot some of that that. lol

  • Cholesterol - 295g

  • Sugar - 266g <- For those of you not up on your metrics, this is over 1/2 pound of sugar

  • Fiber - 2g


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Men's Health did an article 'The 20 Unhealthiest Drinks in America' and the Heath Shake came out #1 (as in unhealthiest!)

Here's their numbers on the Heath Shake..

1. The Worst Drink in America

Baskin-Robbins Large Heath Bar Shake

2,310 calories

108 g fat (64 g saturated)

266 g

Let's look at America's Worst Drink in numbers:

73: The number of ingredients that go into this milkshake.

66: The number of teaspoons of sugar this drink contains.

11: The number of Heath Bars you would have to eat to equal the number of calories found in one Baskin Robbins Large Heath Bar Shake.

12: The average number of minutes it takes to consume this drink.

240: The number of minutes you'd need to spend on a treadmill, running at a moderate pace, to burn it off.

Here's a link to their article/list.

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Amazing item considering Burt Baskin died at the age of 51 from a heart attack and Irv Robbins has severe diabetes. I'm assuming that through their health problems they still haven't learned anything about right choices. I worry for the health of this country as a whole.

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I got another doozie for you....

Marie Callender's Creamy Parmesan Chicken Pot Pie

1,060 calories (equivalent of 8 small bags of potato chips)

1,440 mg sodium (equivalent of 23 strips of bacon)

64 g fat (equivalent of 7 Taco Bell Fresco Beef Tacos)

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seen in a grocery store that i occasionally visit: one aisle largely dedicated to candy and snackfood, another aisle in another part of the store that had a section of diet food (slimfast, weighwatchers, etc). the curious thing was that on the aisle with the diet food there was a very small section of candy that a shopper would walk past if you were looking for the diet stuff? i've heard of double merchandising, but the candy close to the diet stuff seemed a little insidious to me. were they preying on folk's weak willpower?

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I'll pass on the pot pie... I hate pot pies. But do fries come with that shake?!

I am far from a health nut. I'd give that shake a try. I love peanut butter... but it's not likely I'd get one. I've never been to a Baskin & Robbins and there's not one near my neighborhood. Do they have V8 shakes since this one is so bad supposedly?

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Only in a America. Just by numbers alone, I'm sure that's way past my recommended calorie intake.

That's the sad part. In other parts of the world this simply would not happen. It is no wonder this country is bloated around the waste-line and financially.

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