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Hubbell Inc.

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I saw in the register that this company based in Orange just bought 3 smaller companies. I never heard of this company, but it is a pretty big player apparently.

their market cap is about 2.2 Billion

not too shabby. I wonder the article lists the 3 companies, but I have no clue how large or small they might be. regardless any time a CT company buys out of state companies, it is a great thing for our econemy as money always flows up hill to the HQ, and jobs often come with it at the HQ.

Moving on up the fortune 1000 list.


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Hubbell is a major electric components manufacturer which had large operations in Bridgeport. Their corporate offices moved to Orange in the 70's and they slowly closed up operations in Bridgeport and moved them elsewhere. Their corporate offices are right on the Wilbur Cross Parkway. It has a beautifully manicured lawn and their logo made out of bushes on a small hillside. Jay

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