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PROPOSED: RI Offshore Wind Farm

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PROJO (9/23/08): "R.I. sets course to map its waters for wind farms"


PROJO (9/25/08): "N.J. firm picked to build Rhode Island's wind farm"


PBN (9/25/08): "R.I. picks developer for $1.5B wind farm"


"Deepwater has committed to basing its corporate manufacturing headquarters at Quonset Point, where it expects to hire about 800 employees over the next few years, the company said."

PROJO: "Lawyer for Deepwater Wind once served as Carcieri's chief of staff"


PROJO: "Off-shore wind farm to be N.J. business's first"


Newport Dail Times: "Planned wind farm would not be near shore, planners say"


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This is a yahoo moment for RI. First off lets get put on the map for something other than unemployment rates. Second this means jobs, we need those. This is a lot of turbines creating a lot of energy. Where does this energy go? Does RI get first dibs and maybe our rates can go down and does the state get anything out of selling it to other states like MA and CT?

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Consultant urges R.I. wind-farm developer to reduce kilowatt-hour rate

An energy consultant hired by state regulators says the price of power from a proposed offshore wind farm near Block Island is high compared with other renewable energy projects.


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