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Political idea, earmuff department


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All those local good causes? Band candy, ministries, disease of the month? They ought to be selling stuff at political events.

Twice in as many weeks I've noticed a dearth of health & welfare vendors. Tons of button and shirt vendors, but all those protestors or viewers might be willing to buy something to offset the heat or sunshine. In a few weeks it'll be umbrellas or those $1 plastic raincoats. Today I would have bought a cold pop or a visor or a squirt of extra sunscreen.

If I was affiliated with a high school band booster group or anyone else shilling for donations, I would be scrubbing the event listings and preparing to provide a needed service. All you'd need would be a Radio Flyer, a bag of ice, and a couple cases of pop. Sell that, get some more. And collect the ten-centers.

This falls under the Special Event: where are the earmuffs? category. (GRFord funeral event reference)

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