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Baton Rouge Sightings


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While I realize we're not New York or Los Angeles, I've noticed we've had a small increase in national exposure, which is why I made this thread. So whenever anyone sees Baton Rouge on television, in a magazine, etc. post it here. :D

I actually saw B.R. on tv today which is what spurred me to create this thread. I saw it on LPB HD. We didn't really get any credit though. I was watching a show about the merit of trees in urban areas. At the point where Baton Rouge appeared they where talking about how Charlotte was in a crisis because their super fast growth is causing too many trees to get cut down and too much land to get paved over. They then started to show views of developed Charlotte and as I was watching I saw Siegen MarketPlace and Perkins Rowe. The funny thing was that when they showed Sigen MarketPlace the image froze and some statistics about Charlotte came up. They might have talked about B.R. earlier in the show, but I don't know because I didn't see it from the beginning. I guess you could say B.R. got jipped again, but at least it was by Charlotte and not New Orleans. :D

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