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New Research Park for Lebabnon


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This is very interesting news. A Canadian based company, CoreTech Industries Inc., is building a new research park in Lebanon which will contain corporate office HQ's and training and research facilities. The company deals with green technologies such as materials for buildings.

Firm planning headquarters, research park in Lebanon

This is great news for the region but could Nashville had landed this instead? I am on the fence about the MTC project. However, could the MTC have pulled in a corporation like this? IMO, Nashville needs to concentrate on bringing companies who do not necessarily need a campus layout to the available office space downtown. However, I think there is a better alternative to MTC for campus looking companies. Plus, does it really hurt Nashville that bad? Not every company is going to want to be downtown so why not at least be in the middle TN area? I think the area should somewhat regionalize due to the notion that it seems Nashville needs places like Cool Springs, Mufressboro, etc. just as much as they need Nashville. Just plan smarter, healthier growth.

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