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Request for Old Photos of Chevrolet Plant

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Lmichigan    9

Does anyone have any old photos of the Chevrolet plant that was located west of downtown? I don't think I've ever seen any pictures of it. BTW, who currently owns the land? Perhaps, somewhere out there someone's compiled a history and/or website on old Flint auto plants, but I've yet to find it.

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BillyChilly    0

I feel like I'm your answer man today. A good online overview of the history of our industry can actually be found on Wikipedia:,_Michigan_Auto_Industry

I requested pictures of it at least six months ago and got no response, so I went digging. The Wayne State University Virtual Motor City Collection is an amazing resource for old pictures, although most don't go past the fifties. When I typed 'chevrolet flint' into the search I got this page:;view=thumbnail

Just typing 'flint' gave me this:;view=thumbnail

It took me a bit to realize that a lot of the pictures that are labeled "Fisher Body" are in fact of Chevy in the Hole. There are some of Fisher 1, but most are of Chevy. Have fun with that; I was fascinated to see the plant and my neighborhood in the backgrounds of these pictures.


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