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Checking Out the Politics Along the "I4 Corridor"


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Anyone else seen this?

"At a McCain rally on Monday, television stations caught audio of a crowd member calling Obama a "terrorist," while Dana Milbank reported that "[o]ne Palin supporter shouted a racial epithet at an African American sound man for a network and told him, 'Sit down, boy.'" Also on Monday, at a Palin rally, one member of the audience yelled, "Kill him!"
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They supposedly were wearing T-shirts that said it too. A bunch of NOW members or somthing... kinda ironic if you ask me. Its the fact that the media has made such a big deal about how nasty the people at the McCain/Palin Rallies are... but dont show the other side of it. Its disgracefull all the way around.

I guess all of this is just business as usual.... ah la yellow journalism in Teddy Roosevelt's day.

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in a crowd of 4500, how many Secret Service guys are on the Palin detail? They didn't hear it, fine, amongst the boo's and other cat-calling one would have to be close to the idiot who said it. Its called acoustic masking, and its the same as when you're on the field and you can't tell what is being yelled in the stands so much, or what Gabby is trying to tell us when that church bell goes off.... So I can't see where an investigation could even begin to be conducted.

I think both side have blown this a little out of proportion.

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