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My biggest wish right now would be for Rockville and Farmington banks do a merger of equals.

and put the HQ in Hartford. This combined bank would immediately become a player with 2 billion in assets. Both of these banks are financially healthy , and they are about the same size. Even better, Rockville covers the East of the river very well while Farmington covers the West.

and as part of this dream announcement of merger of equals, I would like to see them immediatly purchase another bank such as United bank of Mass or some other ~$500M bank in Mass

this would honestly be easily possible right now. and this would be a good thing for the area. and even for the shareholders in these companies.

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let me just add another wish.

I wish that someone would figure out a way to take advantage of Hartfords riverfront by building some kind of condos along it that INCLUDE a boat slip. There totally needs to be a marina closer to Hartford. Several of them, in fact. If these condos have to be on the E Hart side, thats fine. but if you head north there are boats all over the CT river, and its just a shame that it is not used for recreation around Hartford.

I would also like 2 more bridges at least over the river to get people from street level to street level.

I know we can never be chicago, but rivers usually are a positive rather than a barrier and in Hartford it seems like the river acts as a barrier

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