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Suggestions for a bar/restaurant for a blind date


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Ok, im new to Baton Rouge and I am taking a girl out thursday night. Never met her before but we are both in our mid 20's. Here are some suggestions I have received:

Wine Loft (Perkins Rowe)

The Grape (Perkins Rowe)

Serranos (on Highland)

Are these any good? And any other suggestions would be helpful.

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Oh my.

You sure you don't want to take her for coffee before she passes the "able to be seen with me" test.

I'd have to go with Serrano's. She might be ugly and you'd run into all of your friends at Chimes.

A blind date isn't really a "date". It's like the interview before the first date. If one of your friends hooked you up, then you should go where ever she wants.

Treat her nice regardless.

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