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New Goodwill HQ


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thanks for posting this -- we on Ireland Street have been a little up in arms about a rumored 7 story project going in there! We're planning a residents' meeting later this week with our councilwoman and the president of Goodwill to get a look at what they're planning.. this is much more encouraging than a 7 story view blocker!

Thanks again,


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Thanks for the information. My hope would be that the new structure addresses the street. I also wish they would include a couple street-level retail spaces, for a few reasons -- too bad they are eliminating the Goodwill retail store.
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I've been meaning to post this for a while now.. this is an email from our HOA president re: the new Goodwill construction and their Zoning Variance Hearing.. I have access to the drawings she refers to.. it's a 2.5mb .pdf file with various site plans.. too large to upload here?

Anyway, hope everybody (somebody) finds this of interest..



First of all the variances. Goodwill is going to build on the 10th Ave end of their property and the building will be set right up against the street. The first variance was to allow the building to come right up to a new sidewalk on 10th Ave. Code calls for the building to be set back a specific number of feet. The second thing they wanted to do is put the drive way closer to Ireland. It would open onto 10th and would only open to a special parking lot. This lot would be for UPS, waste management and the small buses that would bring handicapped individuals to their training center only. The rest of the parking would be down on the 9th Ave end. They needed a variance for that. Now for the sidewalk. By zoning code they have to build a sidewalk on 9th and 10th. Since there is no sidewalk on the Herman Street side, they are not required to build one there. But since there is a sidewalk on the north side of Ireland, they would be required to build one on Ireland on the south side of the street.

That would trigger another code issue with a second set of codes. If you have a side walk on both sides of the street you must have a two way street. What they wanted to do is not have to build one on Ireland. Not only did it require putting it onto the Goodwill property but they would also have to pay for widening Ireland. What they proposed to do was to build the sidewalk on Herman instead.
This is what the zoning board agreed to
. This puts a new side walk on Herman, 9th and 10th. It then leaves our one way street alone and they don't have to put a sidewalk in.

Thanks for the letters
[ireland28 residents sent letters/emails to zoning appeals board-jdf]
. They were brought up in the meeting. Although I do think they would have gotten their variance...it made it much easier. They did ask were we ok with it and since there were 3 of us there in support of the variance it went through painlessly. The reason for Mr. Hargis
[on the zoning appeals board -jdf]
being unaware of the 2 way street thing was that comes under a different board. His board had control of the sidewalk issue. Once the sidewalk had to be built, the situation requiring the two way street then became the issue of a different board. Putting the sidewalk and two way street in the letters was a very good thing because it made it apparent to this board the domino effect that would take place.

There were 7 people there besides us. Two from the architectural firm (Hasting), David Lifsey, the CEO of Goodwill, and one Goodwill board member and another gentleman and I don't really know what role he played. Two people showed up from the Tobacco Company.

They plan to close the retail store in January. Now that they have the variance they needed, they will start working with their bankers. If the interest rate is favorable they plan to start in January. The first phase would be to tear down the existing building. After that building comes down they will start the new building. I think this new complex will look great. No more trailers.... .yeah! The building comes right up to the street/sidewalk on 10th and Herman. With the new side walk coming down Herman, it will define the two way street as right now its hard to decide whether its a street or access to the rail road spur.

David Lifsey did tell us they would do all they could to bring down the telephone poles that are in the easement across the street from us. They expect the building to take 11 months. Our case was the third on the docket. Unfortunately we got behind a heavily contested Pet Smart dog rescue case. It was 4:00 before our case came up. Thanks to Colin and Jon for giving up an entire afternoon to represent us. Thanks to Colin for taking the lead on all this and arranging the meeting with Goodwill and Council person Gilmore. Thanks to all you for writing letters and coming to the meeting with Goodwill. We could tell by their comments they were surprised at how many showed up at the meeting they hosted. I was in High Point at the furniture market all week and was unable to attend. Thanks to Garret for getting the drawings and posting them for all to see. Thanks to David for letting us know about the urban web site.

I really appreciate all the support and for answering the call when we thought something detrimental was happening in our neighborhood. I am dreading the construction but it will really be nice when the building is finished. This is just going to add to neighborhood. Again, thanks for all everyone did.

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Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Interesting stuff about the sidewalks.. ive never heard of the fact that if there is a sidewalk on both sides of the road, that road needs to be a 2-way street.. that obviously doesnt match up to what they have in the core.

Sounds pretty good to me, though.. the building will front the sidewalk on some sides, and you will get new sidewalks around it!

BTW, if you'd like to share that .pdf.. you could use a sites such as GigaSize, RapidShare, SkyDrive, etc

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How about this much smaller .jpg.. shows the site plan as it supposed to go forward (since they got the variance)... post-5330-1226354434_thumb.jpg

the area where the "New Facility" is, is basically a gravel parking lot for the semi trailers full of bales of old clothing, as well as a loading dock.

The green space (yay!) at the right side is asphalt parking right now. If I understood correctly, there will be improved street lighting on the 9th Ave side - that's a big plus!

The parking lot is pretty much where the current building sits..

Nothing's going to happen along Ireland Street (except a new fence, retaining wall of some sort, and metro-required landscaping); There will be much-needed sidewalks on the other 3 sides of the property.

The small driveway off 10th (on the north side of the building) is a service entrance. The main (and only public) entrance to the property is on Herman Street.

No renderings of the new building at this time..



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This is from one of our Ireland28 residents acting as our liaison with Goodwill.. Thought everybody would be interested.. I have a rendering somewhere and will post it asap.. also want to say just what a great neighbor Goodwill is being..



Just wanted to give you an update on our meeting with Goodwill today. We met with the Solomon project manager, the Goodwill public relations team, and a representative from Sauls Seismic.

According to Goodwill, the current building was built in 1954 and is long past its prime. The new building will be two stories. The current building [height] is estimated at 20 feet and the new building will be about 35 feet. It will be a green building in that it will have geothermal heating and cooling. [<---thought everybody'd be interested in this tidbit -jdf] The new building will also house the Career Solutions Center and human resources staff.

Next week the interior demolition will begin. [this is going on now -jdf] Throughout April, the demolition of the structure will take place. The blasting will take place at the end of May/beginning of June and will take approximately two weeks. The blasting will take place on the other side of Ireland at the bottom of the hill. This will be for the wall that will be put in place. Sauls Seismic has been hired by the contractor to oversee the blasting. They will be setting up monitoring around the site to measure the blasting impact.

We will be receiving a construction schedule at the beginning of each week that I will forward onto you. Nothing will take place that we do not know of beforehand. One thing that I felt to be reassuring was Saul's discussion of how concentrated the blasting process is nowadays. Their instruments can measure the impact before the blast takes place and can pinpoint exact locations of impact. The liability falls on the blasting company who pays significant premiums. And, for what it's worth, I felt a lot better about the blasting after visiting with them.

Solomon is looking into removing the utility poles and putting in a new fence. We will be involved in the fence selection process.

The project is going to take about a year from start to finish but it will definitely upgrade the current facility and should beautify Ireland 28 and the Hope Gardens community.

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