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Indian Restaurant in Bentonville


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We're not "yuppie experts" :), but my husband was born and raised in India, emigrated to the U.S. at 27, so I guess he qualifies as some kind of expert.

He picks up take-out from Aroma at least once a week, and he's fairly picky when it comes to his beloved Indian food. We like the chicken biryani, and some of the curries are nice as well. I was not impressed at ALL by the naan; in fact, I would describe it as bogus. Be aware that the "mutton" curries contain goat meat; some people are skittish about that. The atmosphere at Aroma leaves much to be desired. It is definitely not the place for a romantic date or special occasion. Still, if you just want a good flavorful biryani (rice dish with meat), you will find it satisfactory. Prices are just ok. Portions are medium.

We were not impressed with our visit to India Corner in Rogers, but then again, we have not been back lately, since Aroma opened.

I would love to see Aroma succeed. As soon as they can, they need to add some decor of some type, and gain a little more organization. The foundation is there, in the good tasting food, they just need to build on it.

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I have been there and must say I think it is the single worst restaurant I have ever been in, bar none. We love Indian food and desparately want a decent Indian restaurant here but this place is so terrible it is ridiculous. The facility is barren. White painted walls with half the base trim painted over, 2 by 4 suspended ceiling and bright florescent lights. The food is served on a collection of mismatched styrofoam plates. The night we were there they had TWO choices--both terrible chicken dishes--one was the greasiest pile of food I have ever eaten. The owner is sullen. The food was being prepared by overweight country women in microwaves who were talking loudly. The naan is awful. I cannot recommend this place for anything.

India Corner in Rogers is better. The facility while not great is 80 times nicer (old motel). The server is sullen. The food was very good. They have a wide variety of typical Indian fare. Everyone in there when we were there was from Fayetteville. It was packed.

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Maybe we need to try India Corner again. Agreed about the lack of decor at Aroma, and also the naan. I told my husband, I want so badly to help them! It wouldn't take much to make the place look presentable. One note: not sure how familiar you are with Indian culture, but what you are percieving as "sullenness" is more likely intended by the servers to be "subtle". We returned from our second trip to India in January, and it was quite an adjustment for me. If they know you personally, Indians are quite warm, but in public and business situations, reserve is always shown. Sorry if I'm telling you something you already know.
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