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If you guys Post to the UP Coffee house....


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I didn't realize a civil discussion of our community politics, which this year almost surely includes ramifications on the Presidential race, amongst ourselves in our own Coffee House was verboten.

If anyone starts a political discussion about our community over there, please give a shout here for what to look for. I like what this community has to offer, but am not so hot on sifting through the main UP Coffee House.


Boomer-"All Orlando, all the time"-136 ;)

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Locally, Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton will be at the Amway Arena Outdoors on the North and West Side Plaza at 6:00 PM on Monday, October 20, 2008. There will limited parking at the arena, but additional parking is at the Citrus Bowl with shuttles in between.

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Except you were not having a discussion of community politics.

We decided to end these discussions in the urban related sections of this site, because they always cease being a discussion from a local perspective and instead an argument that devolves down to people posting endless newspaper and other links to prove whatever point being made and usually end in us having to take stronger action. Hence we decided to stop it as to not repeat the mess that happened in 2004. I take note that in the topic I closed here, what you are complaining about, had only one post in it that was even remotely related to Florida and none related to Orlando. The purpose of the city specific coffee houses is to discuss off topic things about the local area. There isn't anything new here.

When we stop these topics now we usually get at least one person who decides to protest the actions of the staff who spend a great deal of time, money and effort to provide UrbanPlanet free of charge to you guys, so that you can discuss the issues facing your city. Do you think we go through all this trouble just to be a pain to people?

If you want to have a topic that is related to the local elections please do. I don't mind it's even about how the national elections are affecting the Orlando area or Florida. If you want to have a topic like that then please at least use this as an example.

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So I heard that Obama is coming back to O-town this time with Bill Clinton. I thought the talk was about the event with Hillary last week, but it appears not.

Now if we can just have more of the same Chamber of Commerce weather we had the last time the media descended on us. Maybe a tourism ad buy on the cable news stations might be money well spent!

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