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What and who all can we vote for?

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The local newspapers print a sample ballot before the actual election day but if you can't wait until then here's a link. If you don't know your precinct just call the county clerks office and they can tell you. When you register to vote they assign your precenct then by address.

Washington County precinct list Follow the links Information to Election Information to Sample Ballots for 2008 Election.

The lottery proposal will get to be voted on- the State Supreme Court ruled so last week. The groups who didn't want the voters to decide for themselves did not succeed in getting it off the ballot. I wager it will pass by a 2 to 1 margin. :lol:

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Don't mean to get us off topic here. But I'm not going hold my breath just yet. The anti lottery people will probably really come out. Then you'll have those people that even though they participate in out of state lotteries they'll for some reason not want it actually in their own state. I admit I've thought there could be a state lottery for a while now. But I also really thought Benton County would become a wet county for quite a while as well.
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