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Eola Park Improvements


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For lack of any place to put this, and in light of the battle over the park itself, I thought I was include a shout out for some of the things the City and others are doing to reinvigorate the park (after the gloomy budgets at the end of the Glenda era, the park was looking pretty sketchy).

Tops on the list is the new "Fantasy Swan" sculpture in the duck pond on the north side of the park, complete with a "storybook" attached to the footbridge railing with a description of what the sculpture represents. They also have refurbished that area somewhat and opened it up (no doubt to discourage some of the transient activity back there). Great addition to that area - kudos to the Regal Swan folks for their part in that as well.

The t'ing remains under construction.

Finally, the landscaping added during the past year or so is probably the best we've seen in the park since the 1987 major rehab.

Also, have you noticed the linear fountains over by the Washington St. side are finally shooting in the correct sequence and to the correct heights much more often? For some reason, that has been a struggle but much improved.

Great job by Parks and Recreation, Buddy and Patty on the improvements.

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