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Mission Hospital projects


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Caught this in the council agenda for tomorrow. Mission Hospital plans to eventually realign Victoria Road, creating a new connector between Biltmore Avenue and McDowell Street. At the moment, there is no connector in the stretch between Choctaw Street and Doctors Drive, almost 3/4 mile. In addition to providing an additional connection between Biltmore and McDowell, this connector will provide a convenient way to get between McDowell Street and Victoria Road / Livingston Avenue.

The existing intersection of Biltmore and Victoria will be maintained, but the street will be widened and extended in a straight line to McDowell. A new stoplight will be installed at the intersection with McDowell. Victoria will be realigned so that it crosses this new connector at a nearly 90 degree angle, directly across from Hamilton Street.


The agenda item is attached.

I've always thought the streets are too confusing and poorly interconnected in this area. The next step in my book would be to realign Livingston so that it intersects McDowell at this new stoplight, rather than curving and T-ing into Victoria. Mostly, This would improve the accessibility of the river district, by creating a third "convenient" way to get there from central Asheville. (the two existing routes are Meadow Road and Clingman Avenue.) Here's my idea (Mission's proposal is in blue, my idea in green.)



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This is now up on the Development Mapper.

See it here. The drawings are now much more detailed.

I know the city at one point proposed this as a stimulus project, but I'm not entirely sure who's submitted this application.

This will really change the look and flow of that area. Better access to the hospital from McDowell is needed.

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Next up on the development mapper, Mission Hospital has submitted a plan for their outpatient cancer center and a parking deck, on the NE corner of the Victoria extension and McDowell. The topography is challenging - it's a pretty steep hill. Looks like we'll end up with a formidable blank wall facing McDowell the likes of which would make the Staples Corporation proud (though it will looks better from the new street.)


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