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The present boom in Cochin real estate is directly linked to the several developmental projects taking place all over the city. Builders are working on many large-scale projects which are presently under progress in the city of Kochi. IT sector and its phenomenal growth in the recent times has a lot to add to the race for real estate in Kochi. IT-related activities are providing a direct boost to the real estate sector as the IT companies are attracting a large population to this city in Kerala. With IT coming in, there arises the need for residential apartments and all kinds of housing. The major IT related firms and companies are now setting up their establishments at Kochi. This has been one of the major factors in boosting the real estate in Kochi!

In the past the local population in Kerala was not exposed to the living in apartments. They preferred to own a plot of land and construct a house so that the land belonged to them. This concept adopted by the earlier generations has changed considerably of late. Multitude of factors has contributed to this rapidly changing trend and the change in family system from joint families to nuclear family system has been a big factor. With more and more couples working safety arises as a prime issue which is taken care of in apartments. Kochi is the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala. The city of Kochi since olden days has been the trading centre and in the recent times has shown a business boom. The impact has been reflected in several sectors including the real estate. New residential projects are emerging at a breakneck and thus the property rates are at an all-time high regardless of whether it is a plot of land, an apartment or an independent house.

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