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Circuit City spared, locally


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I know this thread is way old (2008) and our Circuit City on Youree Drive as been closed for a few years now.

But the reason I decided to bring this topic back up was, when I was driving through the Kings Crossing Shopping Center the other day to see what is being built behind Panda Express, it hit me like a ton of bricks: the old Circuit city in that shopping center would be the PERFECT location for a Staples. And that would help to bring more competition to that area as there is an Office Depot right across 70th street, and there is an Office Max across Youree Drive from the Office Depot.

Since I'm talking about this location, let me also say that, while driving in that area the other day, I noticed the old On the Border location's paint colors had been redone. It still looks like On the Border, and the For Sale sign out front says LEASED. Anyone heard anything, because I haven't. I also haven't heard what is being built at Kings Crossing or down 70th Street next to the BMW dealership and the big Home Design Center.

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Don't think Staples would offer too much competition?

All I want is to walk into the store and buy an "easy button" and walk out. Actually I do want to do that, but they have a Staples store in Texarkana and back when it opened I thought to myself, "If Texarkana has one, why the hell don't we?" But upon checking their website, they don't appear to have a single store in Louisiana. I hate chains like that... you know the ones, they write us off from the start and never give us a second thought. But if things were to change overnight and Louisiana were to become the top retail destination in the United States, you know they would have their noses so far up Jindal's behind it wouldn't even be funny.

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