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Poll Turnout


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I voted at Dominica Manor and there were only like 4 other voters there, 2 of which were Frank Caprio and his wife. 2 people came in after us, and those were the only voters I saw while I was there. The election officials didn't know what they were doing though.

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My polling place moved AGAIN. I was at the pool off Vinton Street. There was one person voting when I arrived, and two were coming in when I left. I'm looking at Boston.com and there are lines in Mass.

The nice thing about Costantino and Jabour's seats being uncontested is that I didn't have any Democratic Party Apparatchiks following me into the polling place with a filled out ballot.

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At 7 AM in Pawtucket, there were about 25 people in the Senior Center. As a point of interest, when the networks "called" the race for Obama at 11 PM, my neighborhood erupted into car horns honking and people screaming: Obama! Our Black President!

My friend worked the polls at the JCC and said there was an early rush followed by a steady stream of voters that died off about 8. The 900 odd voters at that station set a record.

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