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A useful unofficial Highway proposal


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I know most of the people who read this forum hate highways and cars and want everyone to ride bicycles, buses, and trains. I would like for Florida to expand those options also, however, it would be great to have a continuous limited access highway from Tampa to Montgomery with connections with a Turnpike extention, Tallahassee and Dothan. I am not so much promoting urban sprawl as I am the promotion of connecting Tallahassee to the rest of Florida. There are other wider benefits as well. For example, reducing traffic on I-75 in N FL and especially GA. Now I am assuming that trains do not dominate long distance travel and freight in the next 50 years. For travelers coming from all points NW and West of Central and Southern Florida they would have the option of traveling as far as I-65( north of Montgomery) and the new road (South of Montgemery) and travel down through Dothan and Tallahasse. I would have the Turnpike extended, as once proposed, to meet this new road. I would then continue the new road to meet the current Suncoast expressway. Perhaps parts of US-19 could be converted into a toll free limited access highway so as to not cut down more trees.

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