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Urban Treasure Hunt?

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The bike club did this a couple of times, great good fun. It involved puzzles, finding clues, and tests of skill at various destinations. One year we started and concluded at Milennium Park, and the next year at Riverside. Teams of three, total distance was about 20 miles.

We've got highlights:

  • Do the corn maze, clue is at the end of it on the final bale of hay

  • Ride to bowling alley, someone on the team has to roll until a strike is hit. (I changed shoes, picked up a ball, threw a strike, and we were on our way.)

  • Ride to top of the hill at Johnson Park, clue in hollow tree at peak

  • Ride to Ford Museum, quiz sheets at the astronaut

  • Ride to top of Belknap Hill, oral exam, ride down the X

  • Ice cream was a factor

  • Finished with a potluck and awards. Water bottles all around!

Did I mention that this was delightful fun?

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Growing up in Kentwood, we used to do a city-wide scavenger hunt with my family. There must have been something organized, because I specifically remember looking for an upside-down sign and finding a business on 28th street with a permanently upside-down sign. Somebody at the business said they did it to participate in an online scavenger hunt. I have never heard of one downtown, but I've seen people playing Capture the Flag, and the recent zombie walk and pillow fight lead me to believe that it would definitely be supported.

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