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High-efficiency appliances


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So, this topic is a little different than most, but traffic has been a little weak.

When purchasing appliances, i always look for the energy-star label. I can't quite afford to go top of the line on everything, but i try to get the most efficient model in the class i am looking for.

Myself, as a young apartment dweller, have yet to make any big purchases. All of my past appliances have been hand-me-downs.

Specifically, i am thinking towards a new washing machine. My current machine is still in good working order, but very old, very ugly, very loud, and inefficient. In fact, since acquiring it 3-4 years ago, it has had not a single malfunction. So, do i go out and buy a newer, energy efficient model? The conundrum of conservation(and finance) says to make things work as long as possible. So should i keep this old machine as long as possible, or go for the upgrade?

I could use less energy, and less water(and disturb my neighbors less), but of course, i would be burning more resources in the production of this new machine.

What to do.

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i'd say give your old but working washer to goodwill or similar organization (hey, it's going to a good cause!) and go for the energy efficient model (hint: try the thompson ln sears outlet in nashville, my and my girlfriend are looking for the same thing and they have some great deals! These are mostly discontinued items so they have already been made and buying one won't cause another one to be produced on the same line. plus you'll save energy and money in the long run.)

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Yes, you can donate it which not only might put it to another use, but will give you a tax deduction as well.

In regards to washing machines, I would go towards a higher end front loader. Not only are they energy efficient, but they are also much much easier on your clothes. When you consider the cost of the items you will put in a washer, this is where you will also save a significant amount of money. I would also consider looking at an European front loader as they are generally a lot more efficient than the behemoths they have developed for the American market. Miele is the absolute best. They cost a lot, but you won't have to buy another washer. Asko is another consideration. Keep in mind that both along with Bosch make a North American only washer now, so you might want to avoid those.

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I think it really depends on the appliance. New appliances are not built to the same quality or standard as a lot of older ones - they are designed to break down, unless you are really investing in high end goods. So, you save money on energy, but end up replacing the item more often, or having it repaired - and there's a good chance that the product you might be buying was made in a country where environmental standards are few to non-existent. So.....it's a pretty big picture to look at and consider. My first instinct is to go for energy efficiency and replace old stuff, but then there is that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" thing too....

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