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Bike-sharing plan offers new way to get around Honolulu

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Bike-sharing plan offers new way to get around Honolulu

Source: Honolulu Advertiser

Nguyen Le plans to launch a network of bike share stations in and around Honolulu. The system offers students, tourists and others a quick, cheap way to go short distances. It has already proved popular in Europe.


Bike sharing, popular in several European countries and in its infancy in many U.S. cities, may be coming to O'ahu next spring in a privately funded pilot program.

Nguyen Le's "Momentum B-cycle" proposal would allow people who pay for the service to hop on a bike in Manoa and leave it at a designated rack in Waikiki without worrying about where to park. Riders could also bike to and from Aloha Tower, Ala Moana Center and Downtown.

The rack locations haven't been secured yet, Le said, but several business owners have expressed interest.

"It's so early in the process right now that the bikes and racks are still being tested by the national vendor," Le said. "We should have them on order by late November or early December and we'll have contracts signed soon with businesses who want the racks at their locations."

To start, 100 bikes will be available in 10 solar-powered bike racks with locks that are released with the swipe of a bike-share pass or a credit card.

The first half-hour will be free; the next 30 minutes will cost the rider $2.

Bikes will be available 24/7.

Momentum B-cycle is targeted to launch on June 1. Le's goal is to eventually have bike racks across O'ahu and within a five-mile radius of rail transit stops.

"The intent is to make it easier for residents and tourists to connect to mass transit and key locations," Le said. "It's good for the community."

Chris Sayers, bicycle coordinator for the city Department of Transportation, said the city will monitor bike sharing because it could work well with mass transit.

"The devil is in the details," Sayers said. "Right now, the bike-share program doesn't have much to do with us, but in theory it looks really good."


This is a great idea of course but the city needs to work on making it more bike-friendly. There are many area's where riding a bike can be very dangerous. :(

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