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Which do you like better? Walmart or Target?


Which do you like better?  

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  1. 1. Which do you like better?

    • Walmart
    • Target

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I figured this would be a fun little thread to see what ya'll thought seeing as we'll most likely have a new one of each by 2010.

Permit sought for big store

Wal-Mart eyes Bluebonnet site

"Wal-Mart has applied for a permit to build its supercenter at the southeast corner of Bluebonnet Boulevard and Burbank Drive, but a spokesman cautioned that the retail giant

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I'm obsessed with Target. It's so much cleaner, less crowded, and you never have parents in there with screaming kids. And as an artist I really admire their willingness to work with designers and create special lines of clothing and dinnerware/household items.

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Target is cleaner, better designed, and less crowded.

The downside is that their prices are higher.

That said, I do often shop at Wal Mart. I admire the company greatly. You simply can't beat the prices and that's why I go. I was at the Wal Mart on college at least once a week when I was living in BR. I tried to make it to Target when I need items like cloths and electronics and in Dallas, it's either Target or IKEA, or an independent dealer for furniture.

I find that Target offers many of the electronic brands that Best Buy offers, but they are able to undercut them slightly on the price. Wal Mart has the best prices, but only with the low end brands.

I buy most of my cloths from Target (unless it's tee-shirts, shorts, socks, etc...I get that from Wal Mart) and my nicer cloths from Dillard's. If you are 6'4" tall like myself, you'll find that Wal Mart offers only the mainstream sizes...their stock is also usually a disaster and they are out of many items they do sell.

I've found that the arguments that Wal Mart puts the little guy out of business doesn't fly in all cases....most of the little grocery stores are doing fine since Wal Mart will never offer that kind of experience. Wal Mart puts the other big guys out of business...Winn Dixie, Albertsons, Kroger, etc....stores that offer all of the drawbacks of a Wal Mart supercenter but with none of the value.

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