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25 degrees


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The weather forecast has a low of 25 degrees tonight, and as low as 20 degrees on Saturday night. Are you ready?

I'm not. I haven't had a chance to put more insulation in my attic, or do anything about the drafty old single pane windows and poorly fitting doors in my house yet at all. I'm already feeling the chill (and the pain, on my gas bill.) This is 15 to 20 degrees below normal for this time of year.

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20s are not uncommon in November here. The past few hot Novembers may have lured people into a false sense of security. It can snow in November, but that's not common. Usually it's too dry when it's cold.

I remember the last real winter we had - 2003-2004. There was a straight week of sub-32 weather. It snowed and it never thawed that week. Snowed a couple other times too, including the 29th of February. We had to run the wood stove a lot that year.

The year before that, an ice storm knocked out power for a week.

So yeah, maybe we'll get a cold winter this time.

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The apartment under me is currently vacant and thus, no heat running. It's like living on top of an icebox. I keep hoping someone moves there soon. I've run the heater more than I expected to, for an upstairs apartment. Due to heat rising, I had to use the A/C a ton during the summer, but I always figured I'd get the opposite benefit for winter. So far, no. <_<

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