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Apple in Columbia


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Columbia's first Apple store is on the way. Ok, its not a "real" apple store... but the Russell House is getting one similar to the kind that Clemson got about 6 months ago. The article says its on the first floor of the Russell House. Does anyone know if that means that its in the old Carolina Mall area?

-Charleston has the first true Apple Store in the state

-Greenville is going to get one at some point

-Clemson University has an on-campus store

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I'm pretty sure it's in the old mall area. However, from what I hear only Faculty/Staff and students from USC will be able to make purchases at that Apple store. It will also only sell some of apple products and not the full line. Lastly, if anyone needs repairs for Apple products, they will still have to take them to the Charleston or Charlotte store (or have them shipped).

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